Shiloh Meeting Hall Rehabitation Campaign

The historic Shiloh Meeting Hall, formerly called the Shiloh Church and the Odd Fellows Lodge, is one of the oldest and most significant buildings in Northwest Arkansas. It's been a meeting place for three churches, the local Masonic lodge, the Women's Civic Club, and the New Era Lodge #36 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

Built in 1871, its timber was logged from the historic Van Winkle Mill near War Eagle. Today it draws attention to Springdale's vibrant past while standing as a testament to the enduring values of faith, service, and community.

But its future is in jeopardy.

The building was donated to the Shiloh Museum, conditional on its renovation. The plans are to turn the building into a meeting space and exhibit hall for the museum and the community. Following rehabilitation, the Shiloh Meeting Hall will become a place to gather, a place to learn, and a place dedicated to the history AND the future of Springdale and Northwest Arkansas.

Rehabilitation of the building's exterior, roof, chimney, and belfry was completed in 2009. The Shiloh Museum is now in the middle of a campaign to raise an additional $1 million to complete the interior renovations, landscaping, signs, lighting, and parking.

You can help by contributing to our Go Fund Me campaign to "Overhaul the Hall."

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