Still Shots from Kidnappers Foil in Northwest Arkansas

Connie May (in white dress) plays "Betty Davis," the girl who is kidnapped in the Bentonville production of Kidnappers Foil.  This scene was shot in front of the cottages at the Parks Springs Hotel in Bentonville.

Don Tyson (in plaid jacket) is the leader of the little kids in the Springdale film.  He also emcees the talent show.

James Mashburn (speaking) plays "Butch," who leads the rescuers in the Fayetteville film.  With him is his brother William Mashburn (far right, in hat and neckerchief) and Clifford "Half Pint" Thompson (in top hat), a noted tap dancer who often performed on the Fayetteville square.

Wanda Boone tap dances on the plaza of the Harris Hotel in Rogers during the talent portion of the Springdale movie.

Kidnappers Foil in Northwest Arkansas

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