Marie Demeroukas
Photo Archivist/Research Librarian
Marie came to the Ozarks in 1980. She attended the University of Arkansas to become an archeologist, but museum studies turned her head. Marie maintains the museum’s collections of photos and research materials and fields inquiries about area history. Her interests include cooking, crafting, gardening, flea marketing, making wheel-thrown pottery, collecting sand, and lounging in the hammock.

Aaron LoehndorfAaron Loehndorf
Collections/Education Assistant
Aaron grew up in the Midwest exploring various historical sites. He has worked or interned at more than half a dozen museums, or similar, in four states. Splitting time between education and collections allows him to interact with amazing artifacts and still pass on his passion for history to younger generations. His interests include history and a multitude of outdoor activities.

Allyn Lord
Allyn is active in several professional museum organizations. She is a peer reviewer for the American Association of Museums (AAM) and a field reviewer for the Institute of Museum and Library Services’ assessment and grants programs. Allyn served on the AAM board of directors from 2007-2011, and currently serves on the Arkansas Humanities Council board. A Northwest Arkansas resident since 1982, she enjoys volunteering, cats, kayaking, and hosting the occasional game show.

Curtis MorrisCurtis Morris
Exhibits Manager
Curtis has worked at the museum since 1998. His responsibilities include designing and constructing permanent, temporary, and traveling exhibits, as well as fixing stuff. A second-generation University of Arkansas alumnus, he has a BA in history and an MA in anthropology. Outdoor activities, vintage vehicles, and home improvement projects keep him busy. He lives “out by the lake” with his four gals (spouse, two daughters, and loving labrador).

Kathy Plume
Receptionist/Gift Shop Manager
Kathy grew up in Missouri and is an alumnus of Southeast Missouri State University. She has lived in five different states. Although the dialect and tastes in food may have differed from region to region, she cherishes the friendships she built along the way. As a former teacher, Kathy continued her love for teaching by homeschooling her three children. She brings to the museum her love for learning, her enjoyment of meeting new people, and her desire to help others learn new things.

Carolyn Reno
Collections Manager/Assistant Director
Carolyn has been the Shiloh Museum’s collections manager since 1984. Her duties include researching, cataloging, cleaning, and storing objects, as well as overseeing maintenance of security and HVAC systems. Her museum-related interests include textiles, ceramics, and researching old patents.

Rachel WhitakerRachel Whitaker
Research Library Assistant
Rachel grew up in Highfill, Arkansas, and attended school in nearby Gentry until she began homeschool in the sixth grade. She graduated from Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Rachel’s work in the history field has included internships at George Washington Carver National Monument in Diamond, Missouri, and the Murrell Home in Park Hill, Oklahoma. In her spare time, she tends to her horses, keeps taking classes, and loves to read.

Susan Young
Outreach Coordinator
Susan is a fifth-generation Ozarker. Before settling in the Ozarks, her kinfolks hailed from the southern Appalachians in Kentucky and Tennessee. There’s no denying Susan’s hillbilly roots. In fact, that heritage is something she is quite proud of and passionate about. Her areas of interest include religion, cemeteries, and traditional folkways of the Upland South. In her spare time, Susan enjoys gardening, traveling, birdwatching, and genealogy.

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