44th Annual Ozark Quilt Fair

After two virtual years, we are happy to have the annual quilt fair live again! We’ll be hosting the 44th Annual Ozark Quilt Fair on Saturday, September 10th, from 10 am to 2 pm on the grounds of Shiloh Museum in Springdale. This year’s festivities will include live music, a food truck, and antique toys for kids to play with. We will be awarding Viewers’ Choice prizes for both new and antique quilt categories. First prize in each category is $100; second prize is $50; and third prize is $25. Awards are presented at 2 pm.

This event is FREE to the public. Exhibitor cost is $15. See form below for registering and more details.

There is no rain date! Please call 479-750-8165 or watch our social media to find out any changes on the day of the event.

Information for Quilt Exhibitors


  • Registration deadline is Tuesday, September 6 by 5 pm. (See form below for registering. You can also download a printable version and mail to us, or you can call 479-750-8165, and we will mail you the form.)
  • All quilts must be quilted or tied by hand or by free-motion machine quilting. No computer-programmed, template, or pantagraph patterns. Tops may be pieced, embroidered, or appliquéd (machine piecing is acceptable). No other forms of needlework are allowed for exhibiting or sales (e.g., no cross-stitch, crochet, or knitting).
  • Antique and new quilts are welcome. Quilts may be displayed for sale. All quilts should include a label indicating prices if the quilt is for sale and history of the quilt (creator, residence, date, and pattern). If you are selling quilts, please read below for Arkansas sales tax information.

Exhibiting and Other Details

  • Exhibiting: Ropes will be stretched between trees for hanging quilts. Each exhibitor may plan to use up to 15 feet of ropes, unless space and number of quilters in attendance allow more or less. Please bring chairs and tables if you would like extra display space.
  • Security: Shiloh Museum staff and volunteers will be at the event all day, but YOU are the best security for your quilts.
  • Food: each entrant will receive a free box lunch with a drink. Additional lunches may be pre-ordered for $10 each.
  • Prizes: Viewers Choice awards will be presented at 2:00 pm for both new and antique quilt categories. First prize in each category is $100; second prize is $50; and third prize is $25.
  • Contact: Shiloh Museum of Ozark History, 118 W. Johnson Ave., Springdale, AR 72764. Phone: 479-750-8165. Or click here to email us!
Use this form to register and submit fees. You can also download the registration form and return by mail: 2022 Annual Ozark Quilt Fair Registration.

Registration is now closed.

Sales Tax Information for Quilt Sellers

Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration requires sales tax be collected on any sales at the Ozark Quilt Fair.

  1. Entrants who are displaying but not selling their quilts will not be affected.
  2. Entrants who wish to show AND sell their quilts must follow these state requirements. The museum will give you tax-reporting forms on the day of the fair:
    1. Entrants who sell quilts MUST collect sales tax on their sales (information the museum obtains from the state will explain what tax amounts to collect) and then turn into the museum at the end of the quilt fair. Sellers must submit to the museum the tax-reporting forms AND the collected sales tax, which the museum will then submit to the state.
    2. If you are a quilt vendor who already has a sales-tax permit, you’re allowed to send in your own taxes rather than report it through the museum. If this is the case, the state asks that you write your sales-tax permit information on the tax-reporting form and submit that form to the museum so we can turn that to the state with other forms.
    3. Vendors and sellers are allowed to distribute business cards or promotional information with your contact information.