Welcome to the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History! We strive to be welcoming and accessible to all visitors. Our efforts to make our exhibits, programs, website, and other digital media accessible are always evolving. Because of this we welcome feedback at any time about how we can accommodate our visitors in the best ways possible. Please contact us if you have questions or need help planning your visit.

Accessible To All Visitors


All indoor spaces within the museum itself are accessible with a wheelchair or other assistive devices. The Shiloh Meeting Hall first floor is also accessible with a wheelchair or other assistive devices. However, the second floor is only accessible by way of a narrow flight of stairs. The Steele General Store is accessible by wheelchair or other assistive devices. Currently the interiors of the Ritter-McDonald Cabin, Searcy House, and Country Doctor’s Office are not wheelchair accessible.

The museum bathrooms are both wheelchair and family-accessible.

Wheelchairs are available on-site. Guests are welcome to request one in the lobby area or by phone or email in advance, and staff can assist with providing needed accommodations.

Service Animals

We welcome service animals in the museum. We follow the  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and allow service animals which are trained to do work or perform specific tasks for the benefit of an individual with disabilities. As the ADA does not currently recognize emotional support animals, emotional support animals and all other animals not specifically covered by ADA will not be allowed in the museum or other buildings on the museum campus. Pets on leashes, in accordance with the City of Springdale laws, are welcome on our grounds.

Lighting and Sound

Some elements of the permanent exhibits have low lighting to protect the artifacts; however, a staff member can assist with interpretation for those with sight impairments. Our World War II exhibit area has a motion-sensor audio component, and other exhibits include video but only play when prompted by the visitor. All videos include captions in both English and Spanish.


We have accessible parking on Center Street, on the north side of the museum. From there, a sidewalk leads to the main museum building’s accessible entrance on the east side of the building. See map below or download by clicking here Museum Parking Map.

black and white outline of map of Shiloh Museum grounds. Markings show street and accessible parking