This collection of podcasts examines historic places around Northwest Arkansas and the people and history that make them special. A historic mill, two key Northwest Arkansas cities, and a religious shrine are all places that hold memories and history unique to this corner of the state.

The Rebirth of War Eagle Mill

Zoe Medlin Caywood shares stories from her thirty-plus years as owner-operator of War Eagle Mill in Benton County, Arkansas. In 1973, Caywood and her parents, Jewell and Leta Medlin, rebuilt the mill. It was the fourth War Eagle Mill to be built on the site along the banks of the War Eagle River. Recorded September 16, 2015.

My Fayetteville

A panel discussion by Deryl Powers, Shirley Lucas, Charlie Alison, and Kim Agee, Fayetteville residents spanning more than seventy years in this Northwest Arkansas city. Recorded April 21, 2010.

Historic Monte Ne

Former Shiloh Museum director Allyn Lord discusses the often-misunderstood history of the Benton County community of Monte Ne. Recorded February 4, 2006.

Our Lady of the Ozarks Shrine

Independent researcher Mary Ann Kahmann discusses the history of the Our Lady of the Ozarks Shrine, located near Winslow, Arkansas. Established in 1942 as a Catholic chapel atop Mount Gaylor, the church was organized due to the efforts of local women who saw the need for a church in their remote community. Kahmann and fellow researcher Juana Young are authors of In God’s Pocket: The History of the Our Lady of the Ozarks Shrine. Recorded February 20, 2019.