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Taste of Tontitown

Ravioli was on my mind during a phone conversation with Nova Jean Fiori Watson. That's not why I called her, but as we finished our business I had to ask, "Did your mother make ravioli?" I was curious because I have a circle of friends who love to cook and our next...

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Spring Arrivals

There are many signs to the coming of spring. Here at Shiloh it is usually the appearance of spring flowers, ground bees buzzing, and wildlife returning, both human and non. One of the sure signs that happen each year around this time for several days is the...

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Priscilla, Queen of the Vacuum

It’s always fun to look through photo donations because you never know what you’ll find—and learn. In looking through a batch of images donated by LeAnn Ritter Underwood I came across a photo which made me laugh out loud. A pig nosing a vacuum cleaner! The collection...

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A Thorny Thicket

Last year I was deep in the process of cataloging the Ada Lee Smith Shook (1928-2009) Collection. Ada Lee's ancestors were among the first to settle in Northwest Arkansas. I worked up a very basic family tree, found spouses, divorces, deaths of loved ones, births,...

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Plowing New Ground

Professional development opportunities and conferences are opportunities to not only network with colleagues from across the country, but in some cases around the world. Recently education manager Judy Costello and I were fortunate to be able to travel to Mumford, New...

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Chasing Wild Geese

My curiosity has been piqued lately. Want to chase a few wild geese with me? Wild Goose #1. Rev. John E. King brought in two wonderful panoramic photos of a church and congregation on behalf of the Administrative Commission for Walnut Grove Presbyterian Church (near...

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